Artist Isabel Ostrom was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia and lives in Calgary, Alberta. Happily married with three adult sons, Isabel has many interests and talents in addition to art including writing, music, languages and endurance sports.

Isabel is a self-taught artist who finds inspiration through her love of animals and the outdoors. She has always been able to draw but learned to paint as an adult, and really did not realize her ability until relatively late in life. Better late than never! She loves bringing joy into other people’s lives through her colourful and playful paintings, often of their most beloved pet companions. Isabel has learned various techniques and methods through experimentation, working with other members of the local arts community and taking a variety of classes and workshops.

Isabel is a member of the Calgary Community Painters Society.  She has sold her work privately and through group shows.

2019 Shows:

Palette - Triwood Community Hall - April 20

Artistic Entities - Varsity Community Association - May 25

Midtown Mosaic - October 12, 13

Beacon Original Art - October 19

Palette - Triwood Community Hall - October 26